Burial Options

Gravesites  (In-Ground)

Contrary to popular belief, there is still plenty of room at Oak Grove Cemetery for those wishing a traditional in-ground burial. We have sites for upright monuments as well as beveled and flat markers. The choice is yours.

Pricing Information:

Single grave lots range in price from $625 to $975.

$850 -  All areas  
Except 60A West, Section 102 & Section 103
Single Grave Lot (Adult or Child)

$975 -  Section 102 & Section 103 
Single Grave Lot (Adult or Child)

$625 -  Section 60A
(last row on West End)
*Single Grave Lot (Adult or Child)
*Note: for cremation burials ONLY

$300  -  Babyland  (20" x 36")
Single Grave Lot

Niches & Crypts  (Above-Ground)

Oak Grove Cemetery has several options for above-ground burials.  For cremated remains, we offer niches in our Garden Mausoleum, Historic Mausoleum, Chapel and our Columbaria.  In addition, we offer full-sized crypts in our Garden Mausoleum.

The Garden Mausoleum features a serene environment with a waterfall, benches, trees and garden beds. The mausoleum is kept locked, but the surviving loved ones have a key and can visit the area at any time. Call us to take a tour of this unique environment.

Pricing Information:

Single Niches: $1000 - $2250

Companion Niches: $1500 - $3500 


Single Crypts: $2750 - $4250

Double Crypts: $4500 - $6250

Triple Crypts: $6750 - $7750