Monuments, Markers & Urns

Monuments & Markers

A monument or marker is a lasting tribute to your loved one.  At Oak Grove Cemetery, we have literally thousands of samples on our grounds.  We offer a beautiful line of granite markers and monuments and would be happy to help you design a lasting memorial for your loved one.  Oak Grove Cemetery can also match an existing marker or monument when that is desired.  In addition to creating new memorials, we provide engraving services on existing monuments and markers in the cemetery.

Additional Service(s):  Oak Grove Cemetery can raise or clean your existing monument or marker.  Please contact us for details.


For individuals choosing cremation, we have a full line of beautiful urns made of marble, ceramic, bronze, brass or wood. The urns can be selected to match the lifestyle of the loved one (e.g. a patriotic or outdoors theme).  Please contact us for more information.