Monuments & Markers

A monument or marker is a lasting tribute to the deceased. At Oak Grove, we have literally thousands of samples on our grounds. We offer a beautiful line of granite markers and monuments for purchase and can help you design a new marker or match an existing marker or monument.

When the time comes to commemorate a life, or perhaps to plan ahead for yourself, remember that you will be creating a permanent historical record. If designed with careful consideration it will provide future generations with a valuable link to the past that will inspire and enrich their lives.

Granite is the most commonly used material and is available in numerous colors— traditional grays, blacks, a variety of reds, pinks, browns, greens and near whites.

Monuments come in a variety of styles.

Flat markers lie level with the ground and bevel Markers are above ground level but are low. Their small size naturally restricts the decoration, although they still can be personalized by our staff.

Upright monuments are the preferred style for most families because they provide the maximum surface area for creative personalized design and they can be cut into a variety of different shapes. Design options are limitless.

Upright monuments are the most easily recognized and provide a distinctive touch to the gravesite.

Personalizing It

At Oak Grove Cemetery, the monument or marker  can be as unique as the individual it memorialized. There are a number of ways to personalize a monument, including:

Shape: Modern stonecraft technology now allows a monument to be designed in literally any shape you can envision. From freeform, entwined hearts, or a special object, your choices in shape are limitless.

Image or graphics: One of the more popular means of personalizing a memorial is through the use of an image or graphic. Our staff have a number of methods and tools that can incorporate the image you desire within the design of the monument. A variety of images such as landscapes, scenes, floral and religious ornamentation and even portraits can be reproduced.

Inscription: Inscriptions or epitaphs are an easy way to personalize a monument. Even signatures can be exactly produced.The staff at Oak Grove can also provide inscriptions on markers already in place.

To learn more about monuments and markers, or to see samples of available markers, call or visit Oak Grove Cemetery.