3. Historic Mausoleum

This stately mausoleum was constructed in 1912 of marble and concrete. It displays a simplified, somewhat abstract interpretation of classical Greco-Roman architectural motifs. A plain cornice and pedimented entry are the only notable exterior details. The austere, sparsely ornamented interior contains 590 burial compartments and a chapel. The mausoleum was constructed with 50 storage compartments to store the deceased, since at that time burials could not occur during the winter or inclement weather. Since construction, 104 niches for cremated remains have been added to the mausoleum.

To the right of the entry to the mausoleum (off the south-west corner) is a small pedestal comprised of two stacked stones of different sizes. A small sundial calibrated to the exact latitude of La Crosse (North 43 degrees, 48 minutes) was placed there in 1880. The top stone and sundial with Latin inscription are no longer there, however, and were probably stolen. This is unfortunately a problem that many cemeteries face with increasing frequency.